Travel from Stansted to Gatwick

Travel from Stansted to Gatwick – methods and ways to be able to do this.


Stansted (STN) and Gatwick (LGW) are located 70 miles away from one another. Travelling across the busy city of London to reach one airport from another is not an easy task.

Passengers travelling from Stansted to Gatwick can opt for any one the below mentioned ways.

National Express Coach

London’s most popular airport shuttle service is the National Express Coach. Founded in the year 1972,Travel from Stansted to Gatwick Articles the service has earned commendable reviews from passengers. This shuttle is not for those who are rushing in a hurry to their destination. But it is the only direct public transfer mode between these two airports. Coaches are comfortable, spacious and reliable however the time taken to cover the distance is roughly around 3 hours. So if you have no time curfews then throw your bags and hop on to the shuttle to enjoy a leisure ride across the city.


If time is the major factor that you are concerned about, then trains are the most recommended option to travel from STN to LGW. However trains do not run directly between the airports and passengers must change lines and also use the tube for quick transfer. Take the Stansted Express to Tottenham Hale Station. From Tottenham Hale take the underground tube to reach the Victoria station in 20 minutes. From Victoria, avail the Gatwick Express to reach LGW in 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can opt for Southern trains from Victoria to Gatwick and the Terravision Bus from Stansted to Victoria. Any combination of trains and tube work out to be faster than National Express Coach. Sauntering along escalators, changing lines and working your way through the confusing network of trains and tubes may not necessarily be your favourite thing to do in a new city.

Taxis and Minicabs

If you are looking for a comfortable, reliable, fast and direct mode of transfer between the two airports then taxis and minicabs are the options available. Taxis can be hired on the go right outside the terminal building. Minicabs can be booked online in advance before embarking on your journey. Both taxis and minicabs offer a comfortable ride across the magnificent city of London. While booking minicabs, one can avail a number of free perks like free flight monitoring service, free 30 minutes waiting time and no extra charges for parking. Passengers travelling during late hours of the night, have no need for worry if they have booked their minicab service in advance. Minicabs are available 24/7 and throughout the year. Minicab drivers are friendly, warm and ensure complete safety.