The Sims 3 – Fast Lane Stuff

For this gift suggestion we wanted to recommend The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff. In our personal opinion we love the Sims! It’s a fun game that offers hours of game play. As for our suggestion we think this would be a great gift for men who love video games. This particular game is actually an expansion pack for the Sims. Which mean’s if you buy it you better make sure you own the Sims 3. Without The Sims 3 this expansion pack would be entirely useless.

If you’ve never played a Sims game it’s a game in which you take control of a person. The person has stats and needs just like a person. You can even get a job and even make friends. The entire game simulates real life as much as possible. The purpose of the game is to build up your life. You can get career advances and buy bigger houses just like in real life. In the expansion pack it adds a few features to the game. For example, Fast Lane Stuff will add the ability to buy and customize your own cars.

As for the reviews, out of everyone who review The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff it managed to average a four out of five star rating. The majority of people who gave those ratings have been Sim fans for the longest time. As for the negative reviews some people just didn’t think the expansion pack was worth the cost. We agree and we would only recommend this product for true Sim fans.