The Chelation Therapy Versus Autism

A few of the very commonly found heavy and dangerous toxin metals are mercury,Guest Posting lead, nickel, cadmium and copper. Despite the fact that nobody knows for sure that what actually causes autism, however many people speculate that it is caused, in a few cases, due to the heavy toxins that are present in the vaccines. There are basically two assumptions that link autism to vaccines. The initial assumption proposes that the mercury-based additives in some of the vaccines might be associated to autism and the other assumption recommends that the vaccine named MMR basically cause the intestinal harms that ultimately cause the disorder.

It is a complex chemical procedure that takes place in the exclusion of the heavy toxic metals. The heavy toxic metals get attached to the particular chelating agent that is more often than not given by the means of vaccination and these metal toxins are in the end removed from the human body. The chelation therapy was first discovered by the Navy of the United States of America in the 1950s to get rid of the heavy toxic metals. Ever since then, this therapy has been utilized to cure the lead poison and it is presently being used to cure the various symptoms of autism.

The chelation therapy is one of the greatest cures for autism. The chelation therapy basically removes all the heavy toxic metals from the human body, but does not include the beneficial metals, for example zinc. The chelating agents only for