Small Business and Search Engine Optimization

I have spent many hours and too much money trying to figure out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my website. I have not succeeded and have become very confused and discouraged, and am probably not the only one suffering from a lack of understanding how to make my website bigger, better, faster and bring in loads of leads to enhance my business.

SEO can be defined as improving the visibility of a website in a way that will not cost the owner out of pocket cash. When someone is looking for a product or service that your company provides, and does an internet search, your website will be featured on the first page, or in the top 10 websites that are shown on the user’s screen, thus allowing you a better opportunity for that user to open your website and shop

Being at or near the top of a search can mean the difference between getting a lot of business or just keeping you head above water. Is your site for information only or is the site your main market place? Is it just window dressing or do you want the site to convey your image, your style or attract your primary target market?

Search engines, like Bing, Google, Yahoo or any number of other companies, use complicated mathematical calculations to determine which sites will be relevant to a person’s particular search. These calculations seem to be in a constant flux, thus improving their search capabilities and confounding their competitors.

I have been told that a number of things will help. Things like; “key words”,” meta tags”, titles, photos, links to other high traffic sites and now video seems to be the newest plus for a good site.

I have paid at least three different optimizers or SEO’s, too much money only to find out that they really didn’t know what they were doing and that my site was still on page whatever. Generally, when I ask a small b