Know About Leeds City in England

Leeds is a beautiful city that is located in the west Yorkshire in England. This city is the official sporting center of England. This city developed into a major industrial center during the period of Industrial Revolution. This city is situated on the banks of River Aire. There are a number of impressive monuments and places that shows the brilliance of English Architecture. Today, this city has developed as an important industrial as well as cultural center of England.

Tourism sector in Leeds:

There are a number of famous tourist spots that are naturally diverse. There are many natural landmarks such as Outcry Chevin, which is a ridge that is situated in the southern direction of the city and RSPB Reserve that are situated in the western part of Leeds. There are many parks such as Roudhay and temple Newsam that are owned and run by local municipalities and these parks offer an open space for meditation and relaxing. There is also a war memorial that was built to pay the tribute to martyrs in the World War II. There are many open spaces and market place where the tourist and the local population can do the shopping and spent some leisure time.

Bridgewater Place: It is mainly an office area along with many residential complexes where some of the top multinationals are situated. It is one of the tallest and most expensive buildings in Leeds.

Leeds City Museum: This museum is an art museum that is situated in the West of the Yorkshire. This museum is open on all days for the public with no entry fee.