Jewelry Trade Tips and Tricks

got bored of your old collection and want to sell it to start a new one, or you are a designer of homemade jewelry and want to market and sell your products, you need to get familiar with this market and its secrets.

When it comes to selling your pieces, you have first to decide how much they cost. This can be easily estimated if you know their original price. Then their selling value can be anything near to that price. But in other cases when the original price is not known, the help of an appraiser should be weighed, especially that you will be charged for this help. But never consider an appraiser as a potential buyer since his estimation might be misleading in this case.

And to increase the price of older pieces that are not in a good condition or those which are out of fashion, think of melting these pieces as an alternative. The molten metal can get you a higher price as long as this metal is a valuable metal. And if your pieces have any gems or precious stones, separating these stones and selling them apart can also add to their value.

Then your next target should be getting more customers and hence a better chance for a good price. So always try to market your collection, especially if it is a big one. Placing an ad at your local classified advertisement is an easy and fast way to sell your pieces and gives you the chance of meeting the buyer which facilitates the buying process and makes it more convenient for both parties. Also, for handmade jewelry, trade shows can be of great help. Another good idea is to organize a jewelry party at your neighborhood. You can hang invitation for such event in your local supermarket and you can even distribute flyers. The internet can also be used to place ads or to market your products. This can be done through different fashion blogs or shopping sites. And finally, you can think of auction houses which are a perfect way to get your pieces on display which means more buyers and hence a better price. Also, consignment stores could be another choice, but it has its own rules that you have to confide with. First of all, act professionall