Jet Blue from American Express

The Jet Blue from American Express is ideal for those with good credit and who fly regularly with Jet Blue Airlines thereby taking advantage of the excellent rewards program. The introductory APR for this card is 3.99%,Jet Blue from American Express Articles which continues for a period of for six months and applies to purchases and balance transfers submitted with the application. Thereafter, you are introduced to a regular APR, which standing at 18.24%, is above average.

There is also an annual fee of $40, which, however, is much less compared to other airline reward cards from Amex. There is no spending limit on this card. There is a system of rewards in the form of award points for every dollar spent using this card, which can be redeemed for shopping, travel and entertainment.

The Reward Points

The points program for the JetBlue card is that for every dollar spent using the card, cardholders receive 1 Awards Dollar. Two Award Dollars are earned for each dollar spent on JetBlue flights, restaurants, movie theaters, gym memberships, event tickets and golf course fees. Cardholders earn $ 5000 bonus dollars when they make their first purchase with the card.

For every 200 Award Dollars accumulated, cardholders receive 1 trueBlue point and for every 100-trueBlue points, cardholders receive 1 Award Flight. In mathematical terms, this means $200 (real dollars) spent on the card gives you 1 trueBlue point and $20000 spent on the card gives1 Awards Flight.

Using the Card or flying JetBlue will extend the life of your points to a full year. There is no limit to the amount of Award Dollars that can be earned but TrueBlue award-points expire 1 year after they are issued.