How an Engineering Document Management System Improves Access Through Record-Keeping

Access to company information is a crucial aspect of the job when one works in an engineering firm. The problem is that due to the sensitivity of this information, it is sometimes hard to figure out a system where everyone who needs to can access company information easily and efficiently, but where the information can still be monitored and kept as secure as possible. With an engineering document management system, both of these things can be accomplished. The system is designed for shared document management between different departments in an engineering company, resulting in a more organized and efficient work environment. And the way in which an engineering document management system accomplishes this is through precise

All documents within the system will have specific information available about that electronic file and how it has been changed or edited during its lifecycle. Upon clicking on a file, users of the engineering document management system will be able to tell which employee has accessed that document, and when. This ensures that each person is accountable, should an error be made, and also helps employees know who to contact should they have any queries about that document. As well, users can see extensive information on any change that has occurred within a document. They can see when the change occurred, who reviewed and approved it, and what the resulting cost of that change was. In the bigger picture this allows them to scope out patterns in order to make more large-scale decisions.

Other information about a document that is kept on record and can be accessed through an engineering document management system is the stage a document sits at in its lifecycle. An employee can see whether a doc