Eight Reasons Why Property Developers and Architects Should Take Sound Control Seriously

As a property developer or architect, you are likely to be aware of the legal requirements for sound control (aka ‘sound reduction’) in new buildings. However, meeting the minimum legal requirements is no longer satisfactory. Here are eight reasons why you should be taking sound control seriously.

1. Sound control should be taken seriously if no other reason than the health and safety legislation that dictates that everyone has the right not to have their normal day-to-day activities impacted by unwanted noise. Therefore all new and refurbished buildings require sound control.

2. It’s vitally important that property developers are fully aware of the differences between the sound reduction requirements for new builds compared with refurbishment. By taking this seriously, properties can get the right sound control solution and guarantee satisfaction for the end customer.

3. There are many different types of properties, from residential and corporate to public sector. Building types such as homes, offices, factories, schools, colleges and care homes all require very different types of sound control, from acoustic flooring to wall insulation, so it needs to be carefully factored into the property’s plans.

4. Imagine the impact of a hotel where guests could hear other guests’ conversations. Or a school where lessons can be overhead in other classrooms. The right type of sound control can be the difference between a building that meets the legal requirements and one that also meets the expectations of the customer.

5. Choosing one type of sound reduction solution for an entire bu