Are Psychics Fake? Find Out Here

The sceptics or scientific view of psychic ability is that Scientific experiment and cannot be proven,Guest Posting but the fact is that it has not been disproven. How can you dispute some of the personal information that the psychic readings bring forth which only you know about? I would like to give an example of one of the psychic readings which was undertaken by a psychic medium over the telephone for a lady who was married to a blind man. Psychic readings conducted over the telephone are just as accurate as psychic readings undertaken in person. There are some people who believe that the psychic can pick up on body language and visual information about the person sat in front of them. A reading over the telephone takes away those illusions and relies totally on the psychics ability to pick up information intuitively.

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The Evidence

A man came through and said that he was this lady’s husband, he then went on to describe this lady in great detail. Once the message had been delivered and her husband had ended contact the lady told her that not only was it accurate but that it was proof that psychic readings are not fake. The lady said that the man she had married was in fact blind and had never actually seen her. They say that when you go to the other side you are healed from ailments on this side and this proves that this man had regained his sight or had some other m