LG Shine – Elegance Personified

Telecommunication advancements have made many of yesteryears imagination take shape in to real-life form. Some mobile makers have stepped farther to assimilate superior technology into a state-of-art communication device. As a result, today, we relish the luxury of displaying a sleek, innovative gadget fully loaded with technology and reflecting our very own class and status. Now, with the availability of LG Shine, the term luxury has attained a new definition.

An EDGE variant LG KE970 and LG KU970, a HSDPA form, are the two twin siblings of Shine family and are ready to hypnotise their onlookers with their shining vivacity. With LG Electronics, the South Korean electronics giant comes up with a state-of-the-art design that reflects style and substance in a single entity.

Along with the elegant mirror-finish metallic look, with each click igniting a smooth tactile feeling, both slider phone variety by virtue of their smooth slide opening and laser-etched stainless-steel key-pad, give an impression of class and solidity.

Both the variants of LG Shine come integrated with Schneider-Kreuznach lens-equipped 2 megapixel camera and a 2.2” large screen with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The screen of both the phones supports 262 colours and offers a sharp and clear viewing facility. It gives a stylish mirror effect while in power-off mode.

The LG KE970, like its KU970 counterpart, is equipped with WAP, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. The allocation of expandable memory options in both the models help users to store large music, video, image, or text data on-the-move. An innovative blogger program that add multitude to the gorgeous styling of the phone, with an ideal cellular network support, can help user in ‘any-time’ blogging. The 3G as well as EDGE supporting versions are fully equipped to offer superior internet browsing experience to the user.


Recommendations From Anti-Aging Clinics

Today’s anti-aging clinics have evolved beyond service and treatment offerings associated with the traditional health spa concept. There is now a distinct focus on combating the aging process itself, not just the symptoms that affect physical, mental, and even spiritual health in middle and advanced years. This trend is supported by the creation of a separate medical certification for slowing down the aging process itself. Getting older cannot be arrested, but the negative results of that can accompany more candles on the birthday cake can be lessened, and potentially slowed, on an individual basis.

The best anti-aging product for one person or situation may be very different under other circumstances. Natural hormones in the human body usually start to decline in our 30’s, resulting in a gradual slowing down of metabolism, libido, and mental activity. One approach is to simply start replacing those missing hormones to “younger” levels.

Menopause is a well-known, if not always well received, phase in a woman’s life when reproductive hormonal changes affect her health and can wreak havoc on her general enjoyment of life. There are anti aging clinics that specialize i


Why an Analog Notebook Improves Sales Success

Do you search through piles and files on your desk looking for prospect and customer information? If you do, you need a simple system to eliminate this wasted time. Some salespeople have tried using digital technology to improve this sales nightmare. I was one of them and finally gave up, reverting back to the tried and true analog method of a pocket spiral notebook.

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New technology including the computers and cell phones doesn’t always work faster or better than a simple analog system. Many salespeople are simply not able to take advantage of digital and wireless technology everywhere. Fortunately, there is one analog sales tool we should never be without. The old fashioned pocket spiral notebook always works and should be within reach of a sales person.

One Location for Notes

Salespeople can simplify note taking and record keeping with a pen and spiral notebook. The spiral notebook has the advantage of instant access, zero warm up time, always on and easy to operate. I prefer the spiral notebook because it can fit inside a small purse or jacket pocket.

Having one location for all your notes makes selling easier. You can always find important information and details of any conversation. Skipping through your notes becomes faster when you adopt this simple one location method. As you finish each notebook, you can date it and file it. After I transfer my notes from the notebook to my computer, I cross out the notes and keep the page intact. If you never tear out a page, you will have a nice record for filing later.


How To Send Out Promotional Notebooks And Folios To Upgrade Your Business

There is a wide range of products that you can keep in mind for increasing your brand awareness that are available in the market. However, success can only be achieved when you present the convenient item to the right recipients. Considering promotional folios and notebooks will help boost your business because it will surely nail the attention of customers. Here are some pointers on how you can maximize hand out folios and notebooks.

The composition of the padfolio can play an decisive role in ensuring the success of your advertising campaign. Substantiate that the item you will give out will be attractive to your target recipients. If you want to carry a message, make it simple and direct to the point to make the strategy impressive. Folios and notebooks can be classy but not to the point of exaggerating the design or else your investment will go to waste.

Although there is a wide range of logo imprinted notebooks and portfolios worth considering, it is imperative to bear in mind your budget and target recipients. If you intend to target high end recipients such as company executives, sending out leather folios and notebooks is most powerful. Your funds will play a role in determining the kind of leather you can pay for. Again going for the basics is more powerful than supplying a leather folio that is overly decorated with designs and logos.

Personalized folios and notebooks are untroublesome to find


5 Steps to Attract Customers in Any Economy

Imagine yourself as a customer magnet. You radiate such confidence in your products that people seem to flock to your place of business. You have a certain “something” that attracts only the best customers for you, the ones that are happy to buy. They return again and again, so thrilled with the results they get that they can’t wait to share your name with everyone they know. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But what if you could really make it happen? Oh, maybe not all at once, but at a comfortable rate that filled you with ever increasing joy and prosperity in your business. Using the Law of Attraction in this easy, practical, yet amazingly powerful way will help you have more and more of the kind of business that makes your heart sing. By shifting your attention to what you wish to attract, you are in essence creating a signal that tells the universe, “Give me this.” Follow these easy steps and watch your

1. Get a 79 cent notebook. Buy a regular spiral notebook, one with wide-ruled lines. And use it only for this purpose. This is an important step. The notebook keeps your thoughts focused, and in one location. It adds power to your intent. It shows the universe how “together” you are in your desire to make your dreams real. The closer you stick to the instructions, the better the results. Magic? No. It’s called “the power of focus.”

2. Get clear about what you want. Think of the universe as a giant fast food restaurant. It can only give you what you order. If you give it confusing instructions, then the results will be disappointing or frustrating. The universe can only give you what you request. So be clear. Think about what you truly want, not what you need. Keep your eye on the prize. For example, you have two customers. One gives you nothing but grief, even though she purchases a great deal from you. The second customer buys just as much, but she is a joy to help. When she leaves you are both feeling uplifted and satisfied. If


Buying Good Custom Gaming Notebooks

A lot of people will not believe it when someone says that custom gaming notebooks are really value for money. But in reality that is a fact. A lot of manufacturers today offer options to customize your notebook or personal computer in every possible aspect.

From the basic keyboard and mice that you use to the CPU’s and even the exact screen size of the notebook you wish to buy. And there is a high demand for this specialization as people want the best from every cent spent by them. Today, there is niche market for custom gaming notebooks that is growing steadily by the day.

Basically, any person using custom gaming notebooks will tell you that these are high performance notebooks meant for gaming and can deliver high speed outputs and great graphic rendering which is required for high end gaming. They are specially designed for the sole purpose of gaming and are much faster as compared to other conventional laptops and most of them can even deliver faster than many desktop computers also.

Today there are many companies that exclusively offer components for custom gaming notebooks and you can even go for one that has components from regular laptop making companies like DELL or HP or even Sony for that matter as components from these manufacturers will be more affordable as compared to those from specialist makers like Rock and even Alienware for that matter.

When looking out for different components for any high performance custom gaming notebooks keep in mind that the outer casing or the shell, one that will contain the LCD display and the mother board will determine everything from the type of Graphics Card you select, the maximum RAM memory you can install and even the Hard Disk size for your notebook. So before selecting this casing, decide exactly as to what your exact requirements are. Though there will be some scope for modifications and additional add-on’s later on, but its best to get everything sorted beforehand itself so that you do not regret it later on.

Lastly, though it is not that difficult a job to assemble your custom gaming notebooks all by yourself, do not hesitate to take the help of an expert or someone who knows his way around assembling such gadgets. This will save you a lot of worry and even precious time all i


European Central Bank Meeting and Potential Impact on Gold

For several years now, European nations have struggled economically. Spain and Greece have seen dramatic unemployment numbers; Spain’s youth segment has an unemployment rate of 56%, while Greece’s youth are facing 60% unemployment. France and Italy are both struggling as well. The ECB has been fighting deflation, which in turn is hurting any chance of unemployment turnaround. As a result, Euro sentiment is deteriorating, especially for younger generations unable to find work. Some politicians in France and other countries are publicly voicing their support to break from the Euro as the primary currency.

This will most certainly be a topic of discussion at this week’s ECB meeting. The ECB needs the support of its nations; otherwise the Euro experiment will fail. They likely will have to compromise by adopting a less strict policy that is geared more towards economic and job growth, as opposed to austerity.

So, how does this relate to gold? In the big picture, political and economic issues always affect gold, as we have seen in the US this year (see: Syria, as well as the recent government shutdown). More specifically, the ECB is the second most powerful central b


The Best Dutch Should Be Made From The Safest Material

A Dutch Oven is quite popular these days mainly because you can cook a variety of dishes in it both on stove-top and in the oven. It’s perfect for cooking soups, stews, rice and other casseroles dishes. Despite being so useful, its design is quite simple: a pot and a well-fitting lid. The walls are thicker than usual and it is made from different materials like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Ceramics, and Pure Clay.

When it comes to choosing the safest material for Dutch Oven, primary clay turns out to be the ideal raw material. When made the right way, a pure clay Dutch Oven can be the healthiest cookware you can have in your kitchen!

What’s wrong with the other popular materials?

They are reactive to your food and leach in:

Metals are highly reactive, so when you cook food in a metal pot, it leaches metal ions. They react with nutrients present in food and contaminate it. Some claim to make inert cookware by coating them with enamels (like in case of ceramics) but all glazes and enamels are full of chemicals that contain metal oxides. These toxins also are subject to leaching and over time deteriorate your body’s functioning.

They also cook but by destroying nutrients:

Another important point: the heat generated from metal or ceramic walls of the pot is harsh and destroys delicate nutrients like complex carbohydrates. Eating food rich in just the simple c


Archos 7 Home Tablet

of my recent stumble across the Augen Gen tablet. But despite its affordability, it lacks several of my and other users’ preferences. When shopping for a touchscreen tablet, I look for quality, reasonable storage accessories and peripherals and product longevity. I had to keep looking.

Being the tech freak, I always make sure to keep up with the latest trends. A perfect example is the launch of Windows 7. It didn’t take me long before I found myself purchasing a new PC from Dell which always ships with the latest OS installed on their machines.

For nearly three weeks, I continued to search the web for a touchscreen tablet that was affordable, one which met my tablet PC requirements. Honestly, I was beginning to lose hope and I was just about to give up when I came across the Archos 7 Home Tablet. I did a quick review of this product and then started to check off things on my “must-have” list. The first thing that I crossed out was affordability, since Archos 7 only costs $199. The next two items to be crossed out were, of course, quality and specs.

The Archos touchscreen has a 7-inch display. It also has a sleek design, with a 0.5-inch thickness, making it light and easy to hold, giving you an easy browsing experience. With its stylish metal back cover, it reminds me of the Archos 5. When it comes to accessories, the Archos 7 features a built-in kickstand for viewing convenience, a feature that most touchscreen tablets don’t have, including the ever-looming iPad.

As with all other Archos tablets, this one runs on Android, which means that most of your favorite applications such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else in the Android market will run smoothly on this machine. The peripherals include a standard mini-USB to USB cable, AC adapter, a mini headphone jack, a rechargeable battery and built in WiFi capability. Battery life can be up to 7 hours, letting you enjoy tablet PC use without being connected to the adapter. Finally, my search is ove


Five Indispensable Jewelry Pieces For The Bride

During a wedding, people are mostly busy with printing of the invitation cards, deciding the venue of the wedding, making lists of the food menu, allocating duties to the staff, trying out the bridal gown, etc. these tasks are planned months before the wedding. But what people generally miss out, is the choosing and selecting of the bridal jewelry.

Jewelries are a bride’s most important accessory, without which the bride is incomplete. It is very important that for every brides that they pay special attention to their wedding ornaments. It is important to give adequate time to the planning of what jewelry you should buy for your wedding.

Jewelry is the key player in making any bride look beautiful and elegant. It adds the must required glamour and shine to the over all look of the bride. Every bride wishes to look special on her special day, and it is these small pieces of trinkets that makes the bride stand out and look different from everyone.

Jewelry Which Are Essential For The Bride:

1. Necklace: when buying a necklace, it is important that you should consider the design of your gown first. Try to co-ordinate the color of the metal or gem in your neckpiece with the design of your gown, the design of your necklace should compliment the neck line of your gown. If the neckline is deep or off shoulder, go for heavy an elaborate necklace.

2. Earrings: these look best when synchronized with the necklace. If the necklace is detailed it is better to go for smaller earrings. You can replace a necklace with big earrings also. Make sure the earring compliments the shape of your face.

3. Rings: ring is the most essential piece of jewelry, because it is only aft