Home Staging Essentials – 50 Tips To Get You Started on Your Home Staging Journey

“Home staging” was coined by Barb Schwarz back in the early ’70s, and the concept has become well known as “house fluffing,” “dressing to sell,” and “home presentation” to name a few, but the concept has not taken hold among home owners when selling a home because many people do not understand the idea or cannot create a workable plan for staging their home correctly.

The focus of staging is to make a home more marketable by creating the most appealing home to the greatest number of prospective buyers. It should be impersonal enough not to infringe on a buyer’s own sense of style.

Decorating is optional. Staging, on the other hand, is essential – that is if you want to sell your house for the most possible money in the shortest amount of time. Staging – it is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Since home staging is truly an essential part of selling your home, I wanted to share these 50 Tips To Get You Started on Your Home Staging Journey.

1. Be sure that your home is staged before you or your realtor takes the photos for the web. Over 70% of all new apartment/home searches are started on the Internet. It is imperative that the property looks good in the photos so that it can attract as many people as possible to see the real thing.

2. You should not have one person look at your house until it has been staged completely. It should not go through the broker walkthrough, MLS, open houses, or anything. Stage first!

3. Kate Hart of Hart & Associates Staging and Design LLC knows that home staging works for all properties regardless of the price point because home staging is about preparing your home for a faster and more profitable sale and marketing your property to the most potential buyers for its target audience. “I have staged homes ranging from $100,000 to $10 million and have had the same result- the homes sell faster and for top dollar compared with the competitors within their price range.”

4. If you have dark cabinets, a light colored handle or something in shiny gold will enhance them. If you have light cabinets, you can give them the sleek look by using handles of the same color so that they are hardly noticeable or by using brushed silver handles. With light wood, you can also use darker handles, gold, bronze, or even colors.

5. Sometimes renovations are needed. However, here are five that you should avoid:


What Are The Most Popular Genres of Video Games?

There is nothing to beat the popularity of video games, with newer versions appearing quite frequently. Because of the never-ending demands for such products, the industry offering them has no option but to keep pace by producing additional varieties to replace the older editions. Much to the benefit of gamers, the market is flooded with an extremely large variety of games and the dynamic gaming industry has undergone many technological developments. Undoubtedly, gamers never had such a wide range of quality products to fulfill their rising requirements.

Everybody interested in these games has personal preferences and can surely find some that never fail to meet their expectations of wonderful gaming experiences. Following you’ll find an introduction to different types of the most popular games available in present market, keeping in mind the interactive features they contain and the genre of the basic gameplay they offer.

FPS – FPS stands for First Person Shooter. This is largely centered on the player, who plays it only as per his perception. These games frequently involve different kinds of guns and bullets and other weapons, though there are many unusual games like samurai plus other warfare styles that incorporate use of swords and knives. Since these games require moderate level of concentration, these are well accepted by amateurs, as well as experienced players.

RPG-RPG, meaning role-playing games, are among the most popular types of games that the present gaming industry offers. The games are designed to prompt the player to act in a role-playing manner that is supported by an appealing story board, having varying missions to be achieved as the game progresses. One of the most popular RPG games is the Final Fantasy Series.

Real Time Strategy (RTS) – The player that enjoys getting challenged mentally will surely get hooked by the games in this series. Real Time Strategy games are here to defy players’ logical aptitude and sense of reasoning. There is a large variety available for players to select from. However, the one that enjoys utmost popularity is StarCraft II, depicting a spellbinding war of the twenty-sixth century.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games or MMOGs – the Internet savvy generation of today is frenzi


Benefits of Gaming – PC and Video Games

New PC and video games are not only capable of providing fun and excitement for everyone, but they can also give certain benefits and advantages.

With the help of advanced technology and popularity, the gaming industry has advanced and expanded rapidly over the years.

If we are looking for categorization of videos games, they are broadly divided into eight major categories:


These are fast paced and may contain a large amount of violence due to this. Action games are usually inappropriate for children. Such games fall under the category “M” (mature-rated). Examples are Halo, Star Wars, Jedi Knight and Enter the Matrix.

Adventure and Role Playing

These are normally not as graphic as action games and can take the player into surrealism and fantasy. Though adventure and role-playing games often contain violence, it is not found to be as intense as the violence in action games. Examples of this category are Borderlands 2, Final Fantasy, Legend of Mana and Billy Hatcher.

First Person Shooters

As the name implies, it is a game in which the player sees the action through the eyes of the character he is representing and involves the use of pistols or rifles to kill the enemy. Due to the violence involved in this genre of games, they are not suitable for young children. Examples of these games are “Half-Life, “Half-Life 2”, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” and so on.


About the College Road Trip

buddies is a rite of passage into manhood. A road trip is very important because it gives the chance for friends to bond and the possibility of grand adventure on the road. If undertaken in college, it is a way to leave the protective cocoon of campus and travel into the unknown. A road trip for older people is just purely lame in comparison. It is about planning, getting all the maps, having timetables and getting to the destination. For younger guys, it is more about the road and the trip than about the destination itself.

So that is what this piece will be about. I don’t want to knock planning such a trip in any way. Planning becomes important when you have older and younger people with you. You need to plan the pee breaks, the food breaks. You have to go online and take a look at the various “attractions” along the way and make a time table to make sure you get to see all of them. This is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about just random road tripping. We decided to conduct just such a road trip in college. With no map, we took off to our destination – a beach town.

We packed our bags with a few essentials and took off down the road. Our goal was not to make a specific time but just to enjoy the trip itself. We knew that our destination was south and east of us so we began by heading south, deliberately avoiding the major highway and then eventually east. We did not want to take a map or a GPS system with us. All we needed was gas money and my friend’s old jalopy. As a side note, let me say that no dad worth his salt would ever consider that jalopy road worthy but we did not care.

We got to where we wanted to go – the beach town very late. We probably spent twice as much time on the road than we would have had to if we had bothered to plan our trip but we also had twice as much fun along the way. We met all sorts of people at the roadside diners and slept in the car in the middle of a field at night. Heck, we did it all. The destination itself was not spectacular. A washed up old beach town post season in the fall. The beach was too cold and the town was empty and filled with suspicious townies, so we just packed up and left. We headed back home and this time took an entirely different route and that was what this road trip was about.


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Promotional Products For Trade Shows and Business Expos

designed that perfectly showcases your brand. You staff is ready to put their best foot forward when speaking to other businesses and attendees of the event. Even with all this,Guest Posting you can still make effort to be more successful with promotional products. It would be unwise to show up to the event without something people can go home with.

Promotional products are items printed with your brand that travel and make an impression long after the trade show or business expo is over. It’s better than a business card or even a meaningful conversation. From pens to t-shirts to magnets, giving something away at your event can help your brand travel far beyond the convention center. You just need to figure out what kind of product to invest in to take advantage of their branding power.

Pens are the most popular option. Everyone needs a pen at some point of their day. Using a pen as an example, you need to find something useful that people use, especially people who would be interested in your company’s products and services. If your work lends itself to application in office environments then pens, stress balls, letter openers, or other desktop item would be perfect. If you’re in the restaurant business, what better promotional product is there than a magnet for the fridge? You also have a wide range of other promotional products to explore including cups, key chains, tote bags, t-shirts, Frisbees, and more. It all depends on the audience you’re trying to reach.


Akiles Slot Punch Without Guide Review

In any office,Guest Posting hole punches are standard supplies, often found in just about every desk. But sometimes a circular hole just won’t cut it. For this reason, companies turn to slot punches. The Akiles Slot Punch creates a small slit in your material, whether laminates, badges, ID cards, luggage tags, or anything else you need to slide a strap through. This little device works great in hospitals, concert venues, and security centers. Here is everything you need to know about the Akiles Slot Punch.

This high quality punch is both efficient and economical. Its durable design will last a long time, even through several periods of heavy use. And since it costs less than 50 dollars, it will fit in just about any budget, even in tight economical times.

Now in a new compact design, the Akiles Slot Punch is even more convenient. The lightweight construction allows this slot punch to easily store in or on your desk as well as in a community supply closet for access by many. It only measures 5-3/4 inches by 2-1/2 inches by 1-11/16 inches and weighs very little, so it won’t be a problem to carry it from one desk to another.
This handy little device can be used either on a hard surface or held in your hands. For on the go use, such as punching ID cards as a way of letting people into a concert venue, it is especially convenient to be able to use in your lap.
Heavy duty steel construction provides sturdy, high volume use. It also guarantees long life for your slot punch.
The slot created is an oval hole. It is perfect for badge cl


Play Online Card Games Now!

NBA 2010,Guest Posting World of Warcraft, Left for Dead and Sims – these are just some of the massively multiplayer online role-playing games and deep strategy war games that gamers play now. People are hooked on these kinds of games so much that it make me want to ask, are the traditional games like online card games already forgotten? To my surprise, many professional gamers still treat playing online card games as a part of their lives and it is still on high demand as of today. In fact, almost every die-hard gamer who enjoys taking part in any online games seems to always come back on the simplicity and comfort of playing online card games

Online card games in online casinos are still very in demand today despite the fact of those more high-tech games out there. This is because many gamers have confessed that they enjoy going back to their roots and taking part in online card games, slot machine games and other casino games because it allows them to relax and not worry about strategy or about dodging virtual bullets.

Most of the casino games available online is a game of luck where nothing can be predicted and where the strategy you are forced to exhibit does not cause you to spend countless hours contemplating your next move. All you need to do is placed in your bet and hope that you will hit the big jackpot and you will win big cash prizes.

There are many variations of online card games. There are online card games which can be downloaded or played online. Major search engines such as Yahoo! actually have entire card gaming section wherein you can play some of the worlds most popular card games with other players from all over the world or with your closest friends. Now you can mingle with other people while you play.


The General Outlook of Game Development

The game design industry is a potential employer, and there are some instances where the professionals in the industry make a great deal of money by selling their own creations. Gaining skills in game development can be done in the many institutions of higher learning that offer the courses. It is not hard to enroll. There are courses in the field and recent gaming news has led to higher numbers of students enrolling in game development courses. One can also learn about game development by taking online courses. If one is looking to make a few bucks on the side then one might invest in the gaming industry. A person might even get hired by the bid companies if he or she has the desired skills. If one develops a game and finds it interesting then one can try and sell it personally or perhaps even approach the game developers. Other job opportunities such as game testing require skills and common knowledge, though these opportunities are hard to come by.

The game development industry is responsible for supplying the game and gaming consoles, and according to recent technological advances in the industry the development of the consoles will hit an all-time high with features such as 3D graphics being implemented by Nintendo. The trends in


Recognize That the Game is Always Bigger Than You

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The game is the real genius,Guest Posting and grapplers and combat athletes are the talent who execute the game.

Do you agree with this?

A game is a complex combination of techniques, defense moves, pace, structure, and scoring mechanisms. All games have a winner and a loser. What gets a large section of society interested in a particular game in the first place is quite an enigma. All of the many factors about the game-the competitiveness, the speed, the aggression, and the skill required–capture the imagination of people and bring them out in droves to watch a match.

Why some players take to grappling and combat athletics while other